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We are now on the countdown until Christmas and EVERYONE wants to be looking their best for the party season. contains fantastic gift ideas to treat loved ones, or yourself, be sure to put us on your Christmas list! In our Winter newsletter we bring Winter Skin Tips to look your best this season, a NEW product from Environ that EVERYONE is talking about AND it is official, you heard it here first, Jane Iredale is coming to!

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DermaQuest Winter Skincare

It is that time of year when the temperature starts to drop, the central heating is turned on, and the humidity generally is low. Making changes to your skincare regime at this time of year is really important in order to maintain a good skin balance and health.


Winter Protection
Don’t be fooled into thinking you can stop using your daily facial sun protection. It is important to continue to protect your skin throughout from the sun’s UVA rays, which are responsible for ageing the skin. Ensure your skin is protected with DermaQuest’s Youth Protection SPF 30, this spf is light enough to wear under make up.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is necessary for skin cell repair and maintenance, the correct amount protects against fine lines and wrinkles, helps improve acne and dry skin conditions. Applying Vitamin A topically to the skin will help with uneven skin tone and pigmentation, while promoting collagen and elastin protection. Using DermaQuest Retinol Peptide Youth Serum up to four nights a week for optimum results.

Overcome Sensitive Skin
Many people believe they have sensitive skin, but in reality the majority are using the wrong moisturiser. DermaQuest Essential Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types and everyday use. Ensures the skin is plump and silky smooth, this moisturiser also contacts vitamins A, C & E to aid cellular repair, absorbs easily into the skin.

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New! Environ Intensive Revival Masque

The Environ Intensive Revival Masque perfects the art of creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalised skin. Being hailed as a facelift in a jar! Stimulates skin cells to produce growth factors that are important in the regenerative processes of the skin Powerful promoter of the natural moisturising factors of the skin (GAGS) Lifts and firms the skin – dramatically tightens Lightens pigmentation and gives skin radiant quality Reduces size of open pores


First time users
All skin types
Photo damage

For maximum benefits use in conjunction with Environ vitamin A creams

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Coming soon to – Jane Iredale Make Up!

Jane Iredale is a range of makeup has been designed to care and focus on your skin and your skin alone. The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.

Founded in 1994 by the president and founder Jane Iredale, Jane had always thought of makeup as an essential part of a women’s sense of well-being and wanted to make sure that it was achievable for each of every woman. Her goal is to make products that help women look good and are simply good for your skin. From her background as a makeup artist, Jane saw how women depended on a clear complexion and how not being able to achieve this destroyed women’s self-confidence and so Jane Iredale the skin care makeup was born.

A range of makeup essentials that includes mineral foundation, facial spritz pom mist and bitty brow kit which all work in harmony together in order to create a flawless look that can be easily achieved.

Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals, Jane Iredale makeup range should definitely be featured in your very own makeup bag.