Beautiful skin for a lifetime

“Interestingly, the most commonly reported feedback from users is that six months in, they are using less or no foundation — a fact to pull on most women’s beauty heartstrings.”

A brand which promises to boost skin using natural vitamins, antioxidants AND is very good value for money, “tell me more” we hear you cry!   Manufactured in Cape Town, this truly effective skin care range allows you to advance in stages as your skin becomes accustomed to the active ingredients. They needn’t spend money on commercial advertising but instead work on recommendations and have onlookers jealously wondering their clients’ secret. Boasting celebrity fans such as Elle Macpherson and Naomi Watts, as well as top aesthetic professionals commending their products like no tomorrow, it is no wonder clients all over the globe are daily declaring their devotion for Environ.

Founded in the early 80s by Dr. Des Fernandes, Environ was established whilst studying the mechanisms of skin cancer and the skin.  Environ is a family run business and as such is one of the very few major skincare products that is manufactured and marketed by the same company. Today Environ has developed into a very sophisticated results related skincare line. The AVST (Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy) stages 1– 5 are Environ’s innovative skincare range formulated exclusively for the international market. It has a corrective effect, normalises and repairs, heals, protects from free radical & UV damage and finally helps stimulate natural collagen and elastin production and thus fighting the visible signs of ageing. The products have also been formulated to dramatically improve photo damage, problem skin and uneven skin tone.

Award-winning beauty and health journalist, Kelly Gilbert’s article ‘The Environ Mentalist’, praised the skincare range for its well earnt global following, and honestly admitted she is at level two of the AVST stages. “Talk to any of the brand’s evangelical followers and they’ll tell you that their Environ skin is the best of their lives. And in bordering-on-religious-cult form, many true believers are bringing their daughters into the fold, because Environ can be started as soon as adolescence strikes.”

Kelly, the contributing Editor of British Vogue, and ‘The Beauty Insider’ columnist for The Times also highlighted that “any foolhardy followers that have briefly turned away from the brand’s skin path report regret. “I’ve only stopped using it once,” says one reformed soul. “After a few weeks, spots appeared and the glow went. I went straight back to Environ. I think once you’re in, you’re in for life.”

To read Kelly’s full article please visit is proud to be an official and authorised stockist of Environ. To gain access to Environ’s products please fill out our free online consultation form and our skincare specialists will analyse the suitability for your skin type.  is a unique e-tailer to offer this online service. With Environ bridging the gap between medical science and beauty therapy our sister company No.6 Clinic is now offering Environ facials which people of Kent are queuing for. To find out more please visit

Maintain a beautiful skin for a life time, no matter what your age, skin tone or gender may be, Environ is there every step of the way.