I apply eye-cream at night but I tend to wake up with puffy eyes. How can I help to reduce this?

Environ Ionzyme C-Quence Eye GelQuestion: “I apply eye cream at night but I tend to wake up with puffy eyes. How can I help to reduce this?”

Answer: Your eye cream might be too rich. Switch to a gentle formula, such as Environ’s Ionzyme C-Quence Eye Gel. You could also be allergic to your eye-makeup remover, switch to Environ’s AVST Eye Makeup Removers.

Alcohol can also contribute to swelling under your eyes, so drink water before, during and after a big night out.

Cut down on consumption of salt and processed foods as well, as fluid retention can be a big factor.

Environ AVST Eye Make Up RemoverTry sleeping with an extra pillow, the higher elevation can prevent fluid build up, and sleep on your back if possible to prevent ‘scrunching up’ the sensitive skin around the eye area.